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Dr Deepak Rai

Prof. Dr. Deepak Rai
Dr. Deepak Rai graduated from prestigious Government Dental College, Mumbai in the year 1998 with record academic achievements, having stood Mumbai University & College topper in all academic years. He was bestowed with numerous awards from Colgate Palmolive and Indian Dental Association, Mumbai & GDC Student Alumni Association. (PHOTOGALLERY-AWARDS&HONOURS)


Orthodontic Specialist Journey
Dr Rai went on to pursue his Masters in Orthodontics (M.D.S) from Government Dental College, Nagpur and completed his post graduation in the year 2002. Since then, for past 13 years Dr Rai has been in speciality practice in Delhi and NCR region.
Dr Rai has been a postgraduate teacher for past 13 years and has had academic affiliation with prestigious Dental colleges in NCR region where he has been a guide and mentor for M.D.S. degree. Dr Rai has been an MDS examiner to prestigious Maharashtra University of Health Sciences , C.C.S Meerut University, Wardha & Gujarat University. His last academic affiliation was as Prof & Head of Orthodontics at Manav Rachna Dental College till 2015.


Currently Dr Rai maintains fulltime clinical practice as Director at Neosmile Centre for Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry & Invisible Orthodontics.
He is well recognized in his Orthodontic fraternity and is an avid speaker at national and international conferences. He is the founder & secretary of NOIDA ORTHODONTIC STUDY GROUP, recognised by INDIAN ORTHODONTIC SOCIETY ( )(Certifications and Affiliations) He is life member of Indian Orthodontic Society (certifications and affiliations). Dr Rai presents his clinical work for peer assessment by reading clinical papers every year in speciality conferences.
Dr Rai has delivered a presentation at biggest 8th International Orthodontic congress , by W.F.O at London in September 2015. (PHOTOGALLERY-AWARDS & HONOURS) .
He had the honour of Chairing Scientific session at golden jubilee 50th Indian Orthodontic Congress held in December 2015 at Hyderabad.(PHOTOGALLERY-AWARDS & HONOURS


He was Awarded best research by Life member of Indian orthodontic Society in December 2014 at Kolkatta by His excellency Governor of West Bengal. (PHOTOGALLERY-AWARDS & HONOURS
He was invited as speaker at International  11th European Society of Lingual Orthodontic Conference in Italy in 2014. (PHOTOGALLERY-AWARDS & HONOURS).
Dr Rai has won the Indian Orthodontic Society best Research award in past for year 2010-2011. He has been bestowed in his postgraduate years with best IOS Student Research award and best Clinical Innovation award in the year 2002. He also won best Scientific paper award from Indian Orthodontic Society at a conference held in Davangere. (PHOTOGALLERY-AWARDS & HONOURS).


This makes three prestigious research awards and commendation for innovative clinical work by Indian Orthodontic Society.
Dr Rai was invited as Chairperson for Scientific sessions at an Asia Pacific Congress & also chairperson at A.I.I.M.S orthodontic conference. He was also an invited Guest Speaker at Indian Orthodontic Society's annual conference, held at Kolkatta 2014 & Nagpur. Dr Rai was honoured to be chairman of scientific session at Indian orthodontic conference at Bangkok, Thailand. Twice he has been an invited guest speaker at Society of Orolaser Applications conferences.(PHOTOGALLERY-AWARDS&HONOURS)


Dr Rai is a specialist orthodontist and treats numerous orthodontic cases every year (PHOTO GALLERY: orthodontics/braces treated cases).Dr Rai has been actively involved in learning latest treatment techniques through world reknowned faculty and brings all those options for the benefit of his patients. 


He takes at least three advanced continuing educational courses every year to keep himself abreast with latest techniques. (Special Orthodontic Training), (Special Implant Training), (Special Laser Training).


Recently Dr Rai was amongst few specialist Orthodontist to have received training from Invisalign (
) in year 2015 (Special Orthodontic Training). Dr Rai is certified Orthodontist to provide this service in NOIDA. He is an expert in Invisible Lingual braces (Special Orthodontic Training). He has been trained by world best teachers in lingual technique like DR. RAFI ROMANO, DR. DIDIER FILLION , DR. KYUNG. He is certified for providing Incognito Lingual braces, after training under Dr. Wiechmann, Germany. He is also a certified provider for ilingual 3d customized invisible braces. ( (special orthodontic training) (certifications and affiliations) (PHOTO GALLERY:orthodontics /braces treated cases) .In 2012 Dr Rai has had the honour of training under Dr.Scuzzo from Italy and Dr Takemoto from Japan ,the inventors of widely accepted STB system of invisible lingual braces (special orthodontic training) .


Dr Rai has also trained under Dr Birte Melsen from Aarhus University, Denmark.
Dr Rai is also trained to provide clear aligners from clearpath dental ( and he also undertook training for INVISALIGN from Dr Robert Boyd, USA at a one day workshop in IDEM, Singapore in year 2012.Presently he is certified trained providers of INVISALIGN.(special orthodontic training) (certifications and affiliations)


Evolution as an Implantologist over past 8 Years
Since last 8 years Dr. Rai has provided Dental Implants to patients after having received extensive training in India & Abroad. He has undertaken training with highly acclaimed Dr Dennis Tarnow from USA, in Singapore in year 2012. (Special Implant Training)
He has taken special training in the past under Dr Charles Babbush (USA), Dr Harold Sussman (PROF, N.Y.U USA),Dr Arun Garg,MIAMI,USA world reknowned faculty in Dental Implantology. He also undertook MULTISYSTEM IMPLANTS training from SDM dental college DHARWAD (Special Implants Training).


Dr Rai acquired NOBEL BIOCARE FELLOWSHIP after 1year mentored training under Dr Aswatha Kumaraswamy and is certified implantologist since 2008 . Nobel Biocare ( is world’s pioneer dental implant solutions company providing acclaimed training in implants (Special Implants Training) , (certifications and affiliation).


Dr Rai was awarded FELLOWSHIP OF INDIAN SOCIETY OF OSSEOINTEGRATED IMPLANTS IN 2009 ( accreditation committees approval of his implant cases. (PHOTO GALLERY : Awards and honours).
In 2010 Dr Rai undertook extensive international training under Dr Arun Garg, at Miami florida USA for bone augmentation and Sinus Lift procedures in Implant dentistry
He read a scientific paper at of his implant cases at International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI). His articles are published in peer-reviewed Journal of Academy of Oral Implantology (scientific publications).He is certified provider of tilted/angulated implants after training under master clinicians . (PHOTO GALLERY-Awards and honours)
With all these efforts he has been able to encompass Dental Implants in our practice and has offered this modality of tooth replacement to many of his patients successfully. Visit the picture gallery to see our implants treated cases.(Implants treated cases)


Superspecialisation as LASER DENTIST
Dr Rai has keen interest in LASER DENTISTRY (Special laser training) and has completed his MASTERS IN DENTAL LASERS from Vienna in December 2010, under able mentorship of Prof Moritz, authority in world of dental lasers. (PHOTO GALLERY Honours and awards) (special laser training)
Dr Rai has been offered Life membership of Society Of Oral laser Applications ( )(Certifications and Affiliations) .He is invited guest faculty at annual SOLA conferences where he presents his clinical cases where dental lasers have been of benefit to our patients (laser dentistry cases). He has published numerous articles on lasers application in Orthodontics in reputed national and international journals. (scientific publications).
Every year is a pursuit of new knowledge that has innovated the dental care delivery globally and 2015 was another year which started with pursuit of being at forefront of understanding new technology for which Dr Rai visited IDS Cologne,Germany in march 2015 to understand and bring the best solutions for our patients.(International Special Training)
The need of patients is our prime concern and to deliver custom planned treatment solutions led to specialised training in DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN by Dr Rai under world famous Clinician Dr. Christian Coachman at Istanbul Turkey in march 2015. ( (international special training)
Now our centre encompasses DSD concept of treatment plan for all smile makeovers.Dr Rai is currently pursuing his Phd in area of Ergonomics and its importance in Dental practice . He has trained in University Of Michigan in 2013. (international special training)


Dr Rai’s interests in newer treatment modalities are not just limited to their acquisition but to understand their judicious application in selected situations , he pursues research activities and continues to submit them for peer review for assessment .Evidence based treatment is his guiding light.